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Senior Executive

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MingXuan Li 李名轩

MingXuan has an exceptional track record and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. With significant past experience in dealing with offshore investors, specifically across East Asia. MingXuan specialises in the sale of investment properties and plays a crucial role in many Victorian child care, medical, hotel, office and large format retail investment sales.

MingXuan李名轩先生是一位成功,睿智,出色的地产投资专家,专注于大型投资物业的销售,特别是对于幼儿园,医疗诊所,加油站,酒店,办公楼和大型零售等投资物业,有着相当深刻和专业的见解。 依靠长期积累的人脉与社会资源。仅2018年上半年,李名轩先生就创造了总计逾亿(澳元)的销售业绩,其中包括价值4千8百万(澳元)的幼儿园物业。